Perception of Medical Students on Use of Medical Illustration in Medical Education


  • Bibechan Thapa KIST Medical College, Imadol, Lalitpur
  • Kiran Nakarmi
  • Shreyasi Karki
  • Kamana Sen
  • Aakriti Pandy
  • Dharana Gelal
  • Estory Pokhrel
  • Sagun Ghimire


Medical education, Medical illustration, Medical students


Introduction: Human beings are highly visual creatures and process information based on what is seen. Thus, visual aids like illustrations are fundamental to the learning process. Medical illustrations are scientifically informed observation, combined with technical and aesthetic skills to accurately portray medical subject and facts. It facilitates effective teaching and learning process, comprehensive understanding of concepts and serves as a crucial means of communication.

Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among medical students of KIST Medical College and Teaching Hospital after taking ethical clearance. Simple randomized sampling technique was used. Self-designed google forum questionnaire were administrated and 281 responses was recorded. Data entry and analysis was done by using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 26 and descriptive analysis was done.

Results: In our study reading and writing texts (59.8%) is still preferred learning methods. Participants believed that simplified learning process (39.5%) is the most striking benefit of medical illustration. Majority (87.6%) of participants use arts/ drawings only sometimes to clarify answers in exams. About 65% (n=134) participants use medical illustration to make projects and presentations while 41% used it in documentation of important clinical findings. About 58% finds medical illustrations very useful for comprehension and understanding the concepts. Majority believe that medical illustrations has made medical learning easier and should be widely promoted.

Conclusion: Teachers and students use medical illustration less extensively in medical education. Despite its limited use, majority still believed that medical illustrations is an effective means of learning and that its use should be promoted.



2021-10-12 — Updated on 2021-10-13


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