Multidetector Computerised Tomography in Evaluation of Paranasal Sinus Pathologies

Role of multidetector computerised tomography in paranasal pathologies


  • Elina Shrestha KU


Computerized tomography; Neoplasm; Paranasal sinuses; Sinusitis.


Introduction :Multidetector computerized tomography (CT) allows proper detection, extension, characterization of paranasal pathologies and differentiation of benign from malignant entities including congenital anatomical variants. CT is also a standard guideline or roadmap before definitive surgical procedure and thus is effective in treatment along with management of the diseased process.

Methods:A prospective cross sectional study of total 65 patients, with symptoms relating to paranasal sinuses, coming for computerized tomography evaluation, were enrolled in our study. Correct diagnosis was made on basis of clinical findings, histopathology, operative findings, clinical outcome or medical treatment whichever is feasible. The data were properly documented and analysed in SPSS version 20 software.

Results:In our study, there were 34 males (52%)and 31(48%) females with male to female ratio of 1.09:1. The age group was ranging from 9 to 71 years with mean age of 35.7±15.6 years. The most commonly encountered sinonasal diseases were inflammatory/ infective (63.1%) followed by benign neoplasm (7.7%), malignant neoplasm (3.1%) and congenital(26.1%). Sensitivity and specificity of sinusitis were 93.7% and 93.7%, fungal sinusitis were 75% and 93.1%, polyp were 91.6% and 94.4%, benign neoplasm were 80% and 97.6%, malignant neoplasm were 100% and 97.8% respectively. There was positive correlation between CT and final diagnosis as evidenced by p value of < 0.001.

Conclusion: Better characterization, origin of lesion with adjacent bony details is facilitated in CT due to differential contrast enhancement and multiplanar reformmated images, thus guiding the surgeon for proper planning, preoperative evaluation and thus preventing the complication to least.




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