Safe Ophthalmic Practices during COVID 19 Pandemic


  • Sanjeev Bhattarai Maharajgunj Medical Campus,IOM,KTM,Nepal


ACE2; Conjunctivitis; Contact lens; Corona virus; COVID-19; Ophthalmic Practices


Corona virus disease (COVID-19) is an ongoing global public health problem mainly affecting respiratory system with life threatening results. Various literatures have suggested that it has some ocular manifestations too that should not be ignored as the ocular surfaces can also be a mode of transmission of the disease. All the ophthalmic equipments should be sterilized using 70% ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Breath shields should be mounted on any ophthalmic equipment as far as possible. Special care should be taken in examination of patients suffering from fever and flu like symptoms. Contact lenses wearers need to maintain optimal hygiene practices during the COVID-19 pandemic to minimize its complications.

SARS CoV-2 virus is detected in the tears and conjunctival secretions of the affected individual. Ocular disease may occur during the initial period of infection or during follow up. Among them the most frequently reported ocular findings in COVID-19 are keratoconjunctivitis, tearing, burning, chemosis, photophobia, ocular irritation, subconjunctival hemorrhage and conjunctival hyperemia. Such ocular disorders are usually self-limiting and can be treated with symptomatic treatments.

Though the transmission of virus through the ocular secretion is very low, the clinicians need to take proper precautions during eye examination. Regarding contact lens use, daily disposable lens should be motivated.




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