Management of Chronic Prostatitis by UPOINT Approach


  • Kushal Karki
  • Rupesh Mukhia
  • Prabhakar Pokhrel


Introduction :Chronic prostatitis is one of the common conditions affecting the adult male. It is
responsible for multiple visits to Urologist. Management of chronic prostatitis by UPOINT [urinary,
psychosocial, organ specific, infection, neurologic, tenderness] approach has been established
in western population and also been recommended by European Association of Urology[EAU]
guidelines 2017. Pathogenesis of chronic prostatitis is still not completely understood so patient
may present to clinician with different complains. Due to lack of standard management protocol
patient have been managed by different modalities of treatment.
Methods:Prospective study was conducted from July 2018 to April 2019. Total 90 patients were
included in the study. Only 70 patients turned out in 6 month follow up. NIH-CPSI (National
Institutes of Health Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index) questionnaire was taken as tool for
diagnosis and follow-up. Decrease in NIH-CPSI score of ?6 was taken as end point of study.
Results: of our study was age 35.21[±8.82] years, duration of symptoms 15.64[±9.06] months.
Marital status: married 38[53.5%] and 32[45.1%] unmarried. 15[21.4%] were not sexually active,
43[61.4%] had single partner and 12[17.1%] had multiple partner. NIH-CPSI score increases
with increase in duration of symptom. At 6 month follow up 50[71.42%] had?6 point decrease in
NIH-CPSI score. Among these patient there was decrease in pain sub score from 8.08[±3.87] to
6.23[±2.59], Urinary symptom sub score from 9.64[±2.57] to 5.17[±2.25] and quality of life sub
score from 9.54[±2.24] to 6.72[±2.12] with p value?0 .003 [by pair t test].
Conclusion:This study concludes that comprehensive management of chronic prostatitis by
UPOINT approach has excellent response at 6 months follow up.
Key words:Chronic prostatitis; Nepalese male ;chronic pelvic pain syndrome;UPOINT




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